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Dealogic is a financial markets platform offering integrated content, analytics, and technology via a service to financial firms. From origination to distribution and investors, the Dealogic platform provides a connection across banking, capital markets, sales and trading, and institutional investing. The company has offices located in London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Budapest, Sydney, Mumbai,


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Former Employee - Service Technical Support says

"The company is horribly mismanaged. Managers don't have a grasp on their departments and what is going on. There is little to no communication between teams, and what communication happens tends to be combative, with departments lining up to blame other departments for issues they created. Managers regularly scream at, demean, and curse out employees with no retribution whatsoever. The amount of churn in all departments is massive. They pay well under market salary for their engineers and technical support team, and most people on said teams are miserable. Products will break and the company chooses not to fix them, then encourages employees to keep telling clients they are working on a fix. They have near zero documentation for most of their products. Their largest product hasn't been updated since Windows 3.1 and it shows."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Disappointing work culture. No company direction. Development moving to Budapest killed the product quality. Cheap labour means bad code quality and since majority of talented folks left, remaining ones have no idea what and how to address the issues. Company made tons of profit by outsourcing development to Budapest but in return is failing to keep the product better or at least what it was. No hiring in London office or NYC office .. only firing people left and right. Tom, Jody and rest of management team made tons of money by ruining the actual work culture and outsourcing all Dev work to Budapest. Note : since acquired by Ion group, don't even think of working at Dealogic. I have seen the glorious days and now quiet sad to see the downfall. Good luck rest of the folks .. find a good place to work !"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Incompetent senior management. Clueless new ownership. Favoritism all around, specially in relationship group. Most people who are capable of delivering results are leaving the company. It's become a trend that few employees resign each week. Can't get any work done for clients anymore and most clients are in the verge of canceling. No direction as a business. Everything in floating mode and very little regard for servicing clients. No appreciation for employees."


"Horrible work environment. Quick turnaround with employees. NO work/life balance"

Current Employee - Research Associate says

"-Below market pay for tedious, mentally exhausting work -Lack of opportunities and uninterested/incompetent management -Miserable, disengaged workforce with high turnover -No innovation or collaboration"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poisonous culture. Poor communication. Management up and through fear rather than strategic"


"High turnover rate, underpaid compared to competitors, and limited mobility. They have a tendency of hiring outsiders for a vacant position instead of promoting internally. Senior management is aware of these issues but aren't doing anything about it."

Relationship Associate says

"Everything - the company is a mess"

Relationship Associate says

"Benefits: split 60/40 after three months employment; expect to pay over $100 per paycheck for single Average estimated salary by position: Research Associate: $37,000-$42,000 Relationship Associate: $50,000-$55,000 Sr. Relationship Associate: $55,000-$62,000 Relationship Manager: $72,000-$85,000, more if you’re coming from a bulge bracket firm Bonus: $1,000-$3,000 Environment: Pay is below market and turnover is exceptionally high; management has happily embraced this business model. Older professionals have been laid off from other jobs and just need a place to land, biding their time until something better comes along. The research team is staffed with new college grads who are deceived into thinking that this is a finance job. The company makes a habit of hiring H1B employees to lock them in to positions; that or they just transfer people from the London office to NY. No one goes the other way, so allay all romantic thoughts of working abroad….or of being hired by a client. Mood: Negative. Employees spend their free time conducting phone interviews in private rooms or studying for college entrance examinations looking for their first opportunity to leave. There are lots of empty seats and management has been groomed to distrust its employees because of the low pay and resultant high turnover. Managers conduct weekly meetings with associates to monitor how much they have been working during the week and do not offer any insight. If you need a job, you need a job, however politics is more important here than work ethic so just show up on time, smile and pretend that this is a great place to work. You’ll be comforted in knowing that everyone else thinks the same way."

Former Employee - Not Willing to Disclose says

"This is an organization that has been "outed" by the market for selling the same content but with a different wrapper and expecting its clients to pay significantly more for the privilege. Really? I've witnessed first hand the strategic decision making process based on the simple criteria of whether it will "enrage the CEO". The too often asked question, "Do you think the CEO took his meds today?" is actually something that is seriously considered when evaluating commerical decisions. Too often, I witnessed or was on the receiving end of profanity laced tirades unleashed by the CEO of this firm for rather mundane offenses. A rather unique motivating technique, but the obvious result permeates the organization's culture and reveals itself in the ever constant turnover. The second in command at this organization doesn't offer any alternative and frankly is now discounted by the market as an "empty suit". The same song and dance routine executed for years to key market players is now seen for what it is - all show and no substance."

Research Associate - Mergers & Acquisitions (Former Employee) says

"Really mean people, low pay, long hours and lots of back stabbing. very high turnover. I would not recommend it at all unless the person would have unemployment as the other fruit, good holiday party"

Senior Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Many managers not enough people to do the job, everybody is unhappy.. people are being fired via video - message sent to the whole company via email..."

Compliance Regulatory (Former Employee) says

"People get promoted not even passing their probation if they are members to same Methodist church. HR does not defend employee's rights. They mix private life with professional life and do not provide the best ever possible client service in some of their departments.Global ExposureCliquish, Pretense of equal religious rights, Awful middle management"

Senior Research Associate (Current Employee) says

"Great place as a stepping stone for fresh graduates, you are able to learn about the capital markets and how investment banks work. This really makes it a great opportunity."

Research Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Very poor working environment with very low compensation. The job is not rewarding at all and employees are not well treated by management."

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Company is global and the New York office is the worst. Company has PTO not good for the employee only 15 days off a year and minimum paid holidays. (HK, LD, BP have much better benefits because the government drives the minimums) NO maternity or paternity leave. Benefits are expensive most of the cost is on the employee and the benefits are not high quality. Comp is low and the Bonus is very misleading. Potential to get 10% but no one ever does. Workers are expected to stay late with no comp when needed which is reasonable but if you need to leave early for any reason they expect you to make up the time. Very old school mentality. Leadership has been the same since the beginning so no new idea are introduced. not a place you can advance and grow.not sure this is a benefit... No one ever gets fired no matter how incompetant.No work life balance, Company only does whats best for itself and the bottom line does not care about its employees."

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Insulting-low salary comparing the the overall market, annual salary adjustment less than domestic inflation rate. Spend more on product improvements and innovations, stop selling people products with bugs and missing pieces. Management "thinks" they are part of the investment banking industry, and looks down on middle-low-level bankers and non-top tier global banks. They do not realise how tedious and boring the company's daily operations actually are, and on the other hand, brags to other people how high level tasks they think they are working on and which global banks they are working for. People leaving the company every month, from junior level to senior management, and the top level guys have no intention to retain them or fix this problem. They just add workload to existing workers with no appreciation until they find a substitute. Everyone starts counting down at 5:59pm and leaves at 6 sharp."

Relationship Associate (Former Employee) says

"Not a great place to work. Poor incentive structure, pay, and management."

Researcher (Former Employee) says

"The work is very Tedious and boring. Some of your colleagues are very unprofessional. The salary is quite low for a financial service company. Good if you wanna work for only few months."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Middle and senior management have been in the business for 15+ years and their attitudes and approach to technology was outdated. Any new ideas brought into the company fell on deaf ears. Frustrating old fashioned place to work."

Junior client data associate (Former Employee) says

"It was a really nice place to work with great people. About 1 year ago a sad change came into the company's life which changed everything so since than it is not a desirable place for work."

Research Associate (Former Employee) says

"Nice place to work if getting out of college. There are a lot of good people in the orgainization. You will gain much exposure to corporate environment and the investment banking culture of Wall Street.Good experience, good work/life balanceNot much room for career advancement."

Relationship (Current Employee) says

"I really like the company work/life balance culture. With investment banking as our clients, we don't have to work as long hours as investment bankers do."

Senior Test Engineer - Sales, Trade & Research (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy Working at Dealogic. Very nice work balance life. People are friendly and nice to talk to. Also, very approachable and easy to ask questions regarding anything.Work Life balance, Nice people, Team that I worked with is exceptional, Helpful Teams, 401KWorst Benefits, No Chance for Growth, No Advancements"

Business Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Pros Good place to start your career. Allows you to explore your ideas as well as implement them. Good medical coverage. Great people Cons Used to be good company before Carlyle acquired it. - Most of dev work is outsourced to Budapest due to cheap labour. So if you are in dev, you either end up being merged or quit your job. - Lot of smart people leaving or are made to leave. - Cross team collaboration / working can be challenging esp. when everyone wants to show / meet their numbers."

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Young environment to work in. Central offices. Financial Technology company with good and interesting products. Easy to analyse financial investment marketsNice officeLow Salaries"

System Administrator/Infrastrucuture Engineer (Current Employee) says

"the job its self is very challenging and enjoyable due to the challenges, I have learned a lot in all aspects of the job from network introduction to the latest and greatest software from Microsoft, the hardest part of the job is working with people who do not like change and convincing them change is good, my co workers are very knowledgeable in the arenas they focus on and also working on global platforms from hardware to software, Dealogic always keeps up to date with the latest operating systems and software exposing me to some great applications and challengessocialising, challenges, global platformsworking in central london and working with pre-maddonas"

Research Assistant (Former Employee) says

"If you want work life balance, this company is the best place to work for. This firm helps you get the foot in the door if you're interested in finance. Except the work, depending on the team you're in, can be incredibly mundane.Easy going environmentTeams are silo-ed."

Data Acquisition Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work involved sending letters to company secretaries, downloading company share registers, printing off various documents for other team members. Immediate management were very helpful, no interaction with higher management. Other members of the team were a pleasure to work with.Job was very enjoyableManagement not supportive"

Corporate Analytics Research (Current Employee) says

"• I am in charge of the entire New York office (~150 employees), as well as the rest of North and South America for Corporate Analytics. • Verify and amend the entities in our database by using creative problem-solving and Internet research techniques. • Slightly difficult to correspond with team members globally. • Friendly work environment with lax policy on breaks and lunch hours.Friendly work environmentLow compensation"